This database was created as way for a teacher to keep a complete list of the text that students are required to have in the class. The texts are organized in the way that they will be read through out the semester so that students are aware of which book they will need next. This database would also be accessible to parents. This way, the parents are informed of what text their students are reading in the classroom. Parents are also provided with the ISBN number and a price point in case they are interested in purchasing the books themselves. By reading the books, they are being active in their children’s education and may begin to have discussions that relate the text to outside the classroom. Last, the teacher is able to keep a complete list of the text that she/he has purchased. This way they can keep account of what materials they posses in the classroom.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Zami: A New Spelling of My Name1996-4439970Rivers Oram Press/Pandora List201009256
Their Eyes Were Watching God2006-6111028Harper Perennial Modern Classi111009256
Cane River2001-44651754Warner Books101009432
Uncle Tom's Cabin2005-48643050Dover Publications111009394
The Jungle2004-74347784Simon & Schuster141009439
Invisible Man1996-67972298Vintage111009608
The Color Purple2006-15602204Harvest Books91009406
Native Son2008-6113872Harper Perennial Modern Classi121009544
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