This form of saving data will be a great way for parents and colleagues to search the books in a teacher's unit. Books can then be bought off of Amazon for the most affordable prices. The ISBN can be easily copied and searched; this will make it easy for parents to see what their children are reading. Similarly, a teacher can input other fields such as 'amount on hand' and author in order to keep a record of current inventory.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Barney Rubble's Life Story1922-2162058121009234
Wicked Lovely2008-612048991009352
Bridge to Terabithia1977-60724239909208
The Luxe2008-613359010809464
Gym Candy2007-547066539309320
The Sun Also Rises1926-7432875510809256
The Old Man and The Sea1930-684791448709109
Frankie Landau-Banks2006-43892567409352
The Chocolate War2004-375820099509272
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