Please Refer to this chart for you Character's Group Therapy and Wing Assignments, as well as Doctor information :)
Patient Name Patient Age Patient Gender Primary Doctor AEG APG BPG DHG FDH HFG SDG Wing Assignment OOC Name
Anderson, Matthew I.37MaleDr. Achillea232South, Level 2DriverJ
Bambi19?FemaleDr. Achillea111South, Level 3Wink
Beauvais, Christine M.16Female11East, Level 2Reina
Bellerose, Lilly A.20FemaleDr. Achillea11South, Level 1Golden
Cain, Zachary I.22Male232South, Level 3Syrin
Darken, Tyler A.19?MaleDr. Archer3West, Level 4Amy
Disraeli, Lucretia D.15Female111East, Level 2Fluffy
Erstad, Loki22MaleDr. Achillea32West, Level 4Nine
Erstad, Pandora22FemaleDr. Achillea21South, Level 4Nine
Foster, Belle M25Female11South, Level 2Faith
Fox, Jack22MaleDr. Achillea13South, Level 3Pippin
Frost, Jane23Female1East, Level 1Titch
Hale, Charlotte19Female21East, Level 1Chaos0912
Jones, Hazel V.21Female1South, Level 2Titch
Lopez, Tiara M.25FemaleDr. Archer211South, Level 3iDoomz
Lumley, Cerys M.15Female211South, Level 3Kathy
Manning, Kyra17Female12East, Level 4DarQ
McIvy, Kegan V.22Female21South, Level 3Immy
Mclaughlin, Derek17Male23South, Level 3DarQ
Miquelon, Addilen T.28Female11East, Level 2.Victim.
Monroe, Tammy23Female34West, Level 3DarQ
Montreaux, Zillah A.20Male112East, Level 3MagicDance
Night, Helena M.24Female21South, Level 3Immy
Olzon, Melody A.25Female223East, Level 2Immy
Parnish, Cassandra M.17FemaleDr. Achillea121East, Level 3Amy
Patient Name99GenderDoctor1234567AssignmentOOC
Smith, Daimie A.23Female212East, Level 3Terry
Smith, Payton T.18Female21East, Level 2Nikky
Wilkins, Mitch H.20Male33West, Level 4DarQ
Wright, Skylat A.22Female211South, Level 3.Victim.
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