First/ Last name Cell# Home# Work Address Work# Client Name Position Follow Up Face to Face /Start Dtae
Anand Patel416-999-6941Main Exchange Pharmacy Inc905-761-3345City PharmacyTechSpoke to client sent resume
Asmeret Abraham647-882-1994905-761-8092Health Plus Pharmacy905-883-7500City PharmacyTechGvn Client name nad number
Tereza Pereira416-997-1113St Clair$ Avenue Pharmacy416-324-8443City PharmacyTechGvn Client name and number
Richard Kmiotex647-283-9002Park way Clinical Dispensary416-652-5503York Downs PharmacyPharmacistWorking at York Downs
Abdul Baqi519-566-4824Food & Drug Basics519-337-1500York Downs PharmacyPharmacistMeet client,Start date on March 2010
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