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In this database, I used books that could be used in various classrooms and courses, with topics like politics, censorship and the Holocaust. This database could be useful in a classroom library setting, in order to keep track of the books. There are fields that show both the title and the ISBN number so that the books can be kept track of easily. The other fields can also be used for reference, such as the publisher and the publication date. Since there is a broad range of topics in a classroom library, it would be important to keep these files to ensure the whereabouts of the books and to make sure that they are returned when the student is done using it. A database can also be used to keep track of other information that is important in the field of teaching, such as grades and assignments, and I think that I personally gained useful knowledge completing this activity so that I can use it in the future in my own classroom.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Night1960553272535Bantam Books6110109
Friedrich197014032205Puffin Books61209149
Ancient Rhetorics for Contemporary Students20099780205574438Pearson Education, Inc.751209462
Reader in Library Communication1976910972680Information Handling Services301107278
on Account of Sex1984838932878American library Association35208188
Libraries and Cultural Change1970208008829Archon Books & Clive Bingley231005278
The Basics of Information Work1984851573762Clive Bingley Limited16309159
Censorship1997893564478Salem Press, Inc.501009905
Wireless Networking20061555704786Library of Congress Cataloging261209201
Political Censorship20011579583202The New York Times63908561
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