In this data base I was able to document and categorize my book library. When I am a teacher, I can use this to organize student's information, such as emergency contact information and so forth. Databases are important because they can hold a lot of data at a time, and it allows you to not lose many sheets of paper, or folders, or any other physical media. Data bases are crucial for teachers to understand as more and more of our world is shaped by technology.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Catcher in the Rye19431828282828288Black Bay Books152009324
Come What May19191231231231231Noh'bdy Books1231931310
Above and Beyond19921231231231231Do Good Books131998121
Andromeda Klein1981123123123Random House1319311211
The Holy Bible12579644444Random House10020101337
Diamonds in the Sky19331235838383838Random House102010685
Harry Potter and the Dog199919129991011Random House3020103465
The iPhone and You!20101023474774747My House112010209
The Way Things Are20103848184184848Do Well And We Care202010293
The Tenth Book20101239384848488Nobody Cooks Well Books1002010193
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