I would use the online database to inform my students what books they were going to read for the year. Assuming that they all have an e-mail account, I would briefly introduce myself before the school year started. I would attach this database with the e-mail. When they have this database, they will be able to purchase their books before the school year started. This would allow them to look online and save money since books are rather expensive full price. Since the ISBN number is included in the database, my students would simply copy and paste the number into book sites to find the cheapest one. This would be very convenient for myself, the students, and even their parents who may be purchasing the books. This database could also give the students a head start on their reading. I would include which book we were starting with first. The students would then be able to start their reading so the beginning of their year is not as difficult with the amount of reading I assign each day. I also feel like this would let the parents know that I am serious and on top of the curriculum that I would teach. The parents would be able to see that I want to be in contact with my students, and I am concerned that they receive the best deal out there. Education does not have to be expensive; this simple database proves that.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
The Sun Also Rises19549780743297332SCRIBNER151282010251
The House on Mango Street19849780679734772VINTAGE CONTEMPORARIES61282010110
The Chocolate War19749780440944591Dell Laurel-Leaf81282010263
The Book Thief20059780375842207Alfred A. Knopf121282010552
The Catcher in the Rye19799780316769174Little, Brown and Company141282010277
A Wizard of Earthsea19689780553383041Bantam Dell71282010182
4720059780316016353Little, Brown and Company81282010232
The Wee Free Men20039780060012380Haper Tempest71282010375
Parable of the Sower19939780446675505Warner Books Edition141282010345
The Sound and the Fury1984780679732242Vintage International121282010326
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