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Rationale: This exercise was a great way to experience a new technology. I had never put information into a database before, but I feel that I am more confident in understanding the basics. A database, much like this one, will be very useful in an English classroom because students can preview the books that they will need to obtain for a class. When students have different options for book reports or research presentations, a centralized list of books gives them a springboard. Also, this database is a great way for teachers to keep inventory on exactly what books they have. If there is a way to add a link or a description/comment bubble to the title of each book that would be a great benefit for students as well. I hope that there will be many opportunities to implement this database exercise routinely in my future classrooms.
Title Coyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
In The Time Of Butterflies19949780452274426Penguin USA812282009100
Farming Of Bones19989780140280494Penguin USA812282009150
The Complete Persepolis20039780375714832Pantheon Books1212282009341
Girl In The Tangerine Scarf20069780786715190Carroll & Graf812282009443
Rez Road Follies19979780816634958University of Minnesota412302009247
The Light People: A Novel19949780870136641Michigan State University412302009226
Little19959780312151645Picador USA812302009248
All Our Relations19999780896085992Consortium12302009241
Sounds The Stars Make Rushing20079780812219692University of Pennsylvania212302009290
Heart Of The Rock20029780806139890Univsersity of Oklahoma12302009212
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