I would use this database to record the books that are in my classroom library. This would allow me to keep track of the spending of books, as well as my entire collection.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Night19729780374Hill and Wang1012610108
To Kill a Mockingbird198060935464Perenial910110205
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn2008-14131131Penguin411010480
Uncle Tom's Cabin20059780486440286Dover Publications410510310
Moby Dick20039780486432151Dover 5th Edition51110464
Oliver Twist20029780486424538Dover Publications411010362
Tale of Two Cities20079780451530578Signet Classics812010416
Brave New World20069780060850524Harper Perenial Modern Classic1010110288
Farenheit 45119879780345342966Ballantine Books312110208
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