This database would be used to organize a number of books purchased for the class room. One could easily order the books by any of the fields by clicking on the heading for that field.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchace Price Date Purchased Pages
Johnson's Farm19651234567891233Rooster22010100
Blank1987654321122Jesus House120101
Harmonica for Experts19206521416846516Olde-Timey Bookes5192833
Improv Mafia20108544354451416Centaur Press1022105000
Rubbing Alcohol21213213213213654Health62007456
Pipe Dreams19567986546873573Mushroom Cap Press52005489
Untitled Eric Wedgewood Projec14516454684651316Blab720563226
Robot Socks20759846543674651Fuse2230115
U.F.O Sightings19996514246984654Humanoid75199920
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