I think that this database is helpful for future teachers because entering books in an online database is something I am sure we will have to do. Our schools are going to need us to record the books that we use for our classes and a database like this makes that easy for both the teachers and administrators.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Publisher Price Date Purchased Pages
Prince Caspian719464471055HarperTrophy52810256
The Silver Chair719464405044HarperTrophy52810243
The Horse and His Boy200061393007Turtleback Books52910224
The Last Battle199461393007HarperTrophy52910240
The Magican's Nephew20097323131HarperCollins42910176
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers19997323131Arthur A. Levine Books112101312
Harry Potter and International2006742539598Rowman and Littlefield Publish152110245
Harry Potter and the Deathly H2007545010225Scholastic152810474
Harry Potter and the Prisoner2001439136369Scholastic112210435
Harry Potter and the Chamber2000439064872Scholastic122210341
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