This is a useful tool for educators to use, because it allows students to fill out forms from their home computers. By using databases like this one, we can collect information from students while also integrating technology and making it more convenient for the students.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Publisher Price Date Purchased Pages
The Catcher in the Rye19519780316769488Little, Brown and Co.72110224
Of Mice and Men19379780140177398Penguin92110112
The Great Gatsby19259780743273565Simon & Schuster142110192
The Scarlet Letter18509780553210095Random House142110247
The Grapes of Wrath19399780143039433Penguin162110544
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn18849781593081126Barnes and Noble62110336
Treasure Island18839781593082475Barnes and Noble52110254
Peter Pan19119781593082130Barnes and Noble52110192
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz19009781593082215Barnes and Noble72110272
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland18659781593080150Barnes and Noble62110318
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