There are many reasons why teachers need to know how to design, manipulate, and retrieve database information in an educational setting. As a future English teacher knowing how to use a database is beneficial because it is an easy way to organize the books I will use for each class. Having my books organized in this fashion makes it accessible for my coworkers and department chair to look at my course material. Databases are also a great way for students to have reading journals. It would also provide a teacher ways to give students additional resources that may work as supplementary texts. Parents would also be able to be able to view what the students assignments are for the day.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
In the Time of Butterflies19959780452274426Peng Usa11-20352
Farming of Bones19999780140280494Peng Usa11-20320
The Complete Persepolis20079780375714832Knopf18-20352
Girl in Tangerine Scarf20069780786715190Pub Affair11-20444
On the Road19769780140283297Peng Usa11-20320
Minor Characters:Beat Memoir19999780140283570Peng Usa13-20304
Naked Lunch: The Restored Text2003978080214018Pgw11-20289
Howl+Other Poems20019780872860179Consortium7-2057
Food & Culture: A Reader20089780415977777Routledge59-20608
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