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I really found this source useful for students to be able to properly cite while in the library. A very helpful resource for both students and teachers to be able to learn the importance of library skills and how important this is in researching for a research paper and finding the correct information.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
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Friedrich197014032205Puffin Books61110149
Ancient Rhetorics20099780205574438Pearson Education, Inc.751810462
Reader in Library Communication1976910972680Information Handling Service305505278
On Account of Sex1984838932878American Library Association352302188
Libraries and cultural change1970208008829Archon Books and Clive Bingley63906278
The Basics of Information Work1984851573762Clive Bingley Limited84708159
Censorship1997893564478Salem Press Inc465809905
Wireless Networking20061555704786Library of Congress Cataloging251310201
Political Censorship20011579583202The New York Times602106561
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