This Databse can offer me many prospective avenues of engagement with my students. For this particular database, my aim was to keep a collection of texts that my students would read for class. The aforementioned texts correspond to the curriculum of an average high school level American Literature course. Such a database would keep the texts in a position that would make them readily available to my students. In this way, my students can always have access to the course material. I think that this database is especially important in the digital age in which we live. If we can open up different avenues for students to become engaged with text, we can help develop their literacy skills in a multitude of ways. Of course, this database is also a convenient method of classroom organization, and makes the job of getting course material to a student much easier.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Data Purchased Pages
Sleepy Hollow19331325867098382Penguin15100
Civil Disobedience18501984736362837Penguin1050
The Devil and Tom Walker1860837294827595Kinngston1545
Norton Anthology: American Lit20071948375637485Norton45789
Animal Farm19634857385938573Oxford20130
Farenheit 45119702948372617485Penguin15134
The Crucible18781239485749308Penguin1898
Slaughterhouse Five19678375839583758Penguin15123
Mother Night19782839283718293Oxford20176
To Kill A Mockingbird19453847293847564Penguin20175
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