In creating ITPS I, I was able to produce a database that could be used in my future classroom. This particular database example would be used as a means to keep track of classroom library records. In the database that was created, students would be able to find books located in the classroom library and the instructor would be able to keep track of the books that were being checked out by each student. This would be particularly helpful in an English classroom library as there may be many students that choose to check out books at one time. It would also allow students to see which books are available to them for use. To create this database I used an online database program ( and added a list of books that I thought high school English students might be interested in for outside class reading or required in class reading. I was able to establish field types in my database to make the search more specific and easier for student use as well as add any books of my choosing to the database.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
The Sun Also Rises19269780743297332152008251
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer1876978014303956372009219
The Great Gatsby19259780743273565102008180
To Kill A Mockingbird196044631078672003281
Little Women1987517189542101998388
The Diary of a Young Girl196755329698172009283
The Suffering of Young Wether1990978026403308202009342
One Hundred Years of Solitude19989780060740450142009448
Harry Potter and...Stone199859035342072001309
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