This database is useful in aiding in the documentation of information regarding texts as well as a useful tool for organization. It can help map out what books you already have information for as well as documenting date/price of this item. In an educational setting, this will help the instructor to organize their books' information and ultimately in choosing those appropriate for class discussion. For students, this database will help make the books' information accessible and easily read.
Title Copyright year ISBN Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Sovereign Nations2003-16862Cornell University Press81107174
Why Societies2003-2446Harvard University Press111208213
Human Rights1989-88882Orbis Books11609139
Genius of American Politics1953-6720University of Chicago8509194
Left, Right & Babyboom1986-932854Cato Institute13709119
Impurely Academic1980-88608Transaction Inc.13110884
American Social and Political2000-11777New York University Press7709155
The Puritan Tradition1998-12034Peter Lang Publishing Inc.15508208
Strenghtening Civil Society1999-6224Silkworm Books13509111
Burma/Myanmar2010-4431Oxford University Press17609216
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