A database is useful in a classroom environment. You can use one to enter grades or, as in this instance, to make a list of required books for the course, along with any other relevant information.
Title - Text Copyright Year - Number ISBN Number - Number Publisher Name - Text Purchase Price - Number Date Purchased - Number Pages - Number
The Great Gatsby1925743273567Charles Schribner's Sons9.809161988180
The Adventures of Huck Finn19539780141321097Puffin Books4.998061987480
Great Expectations19969780141439563Penguin Classics8.007152001544
The Iliad19509780140447941E.V. Rieu9.2312032002576
The Odyssey20051420922424Digireads.com Publishing8.959161987208
Pride and Prejudice19729780141040349Penguin Classics13.6012252005480
Les Miserables20089780812974263Random House, Inc.12.2440320091376
Moby Dick20089780199535729Oxford University Press9.2010202009656
Romeo & Juliet20049780743482806Simon & Schuster9.952092009336
Hamlet2004-743481805Simon & Schuster9.952092009400
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