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The Drunk MarineAnon
ed. Mark James  
Retired marine goes cruising for young meatView
Casual Contact: 01Mark JamesOlder man gets hit on by a hottie in a restaurant.View
Taking a Big OneMark JamesSearching for huge cocks to deep throat.View
The MarineMark JamesSeducing a straight, but broke, marine.View
American IdolMark JamesDiscussing Adam Lambert gets two guys going.View
Chad 1: The LibraryMark JamesHooking up with a hottie in a public libraryView
The Apprentice: 01Mark JamesBrad's married buddy, Joe, teaches him about M2M sex.View
The Apprentice: 02Mark JamesBrad and Joe continue to explore their sexuality.View
The Apprentice: 03Mark JamesJoe teaches Brad the basics of anal sex.View
Vignettes: 01Mark JamesThree short, short stories of guys getting it on.View
Seafood: 01Mark JamesOlder guy services WW11 seamen.View
Seafood: 02Mark JamesEd teaches his seamen, Dean & Larry, about M2M sex.View
Doing As I'm ToldMark JamesExploits of a master cocksucker in 3 episodesView
Vignettes: 02Mark James4 quick stories of unexpected quickies!View
Prowling: 01Mark James"Straight" guy prowls the beach for gay sex.View
Prowling: 02Mark JamesBeach "str8" guy continues his search for cocksuckers.View
Vignettes: 03Mark JamesMansex in an old steel mill, on a bike ride,
and at a glory hole.
Vignettes: 04Mark JamesHooking up at YMCA, the ballpark, and the beach.View
Seafood: 03Mark JamesEd picks up 5 seamen & starts servicing them. View
Seafood: 04Mark JamesEd sucks & fucks Ted, #2 of five seamen...View
Trade: 01Mark JamesJournals of a young hustler.View
Vignettes: 05Mark JamesFun in the barn; a little bondage; cocksucking prize!View
Shapeshifter: 1Mark JamesSupernatural being who loves man-sex.View
Seafood: 05Mark JamesEd blows Bruce, the youngest of his 5 seamen.View
Xmas Stories 2009Mark James4 Xmas tales to make your season gay!View
Coming OutMark James2 buddies get it on for the first timeView
Casual Contact: 02Mark JamesPicking up 2 more guys in the coffee shop!View
Vignettes: 06Mark JamesYoung cowboys; Craig's List sex; hotel pickup.View
Straight Muscle AssGrossao;
ed. Mark James
Hot seduction in the gym.View
Hollywood YMCAMark JamesLate night encounter in the washrooms.View
Seafood: 06Mark JamesEd 's orgy with the five young marines cums to a climax.View
Vignettes: 07Mark JamesArmy queer; basement bum buddies; computer sex.View
Trade: 02Mark JamesHustler tells how he got into the "trade."View
College KidMark JamesNight-time action in the computer lab and washrooms.View
Making Friends: 01Mark JamesGetting to know the new guy next door - intimately.View
Sex on the RocksMark JamesMansex at the ol' swimmin' hole!View
Vignettes: 08Mark JamesPool pickup;pain and humiliation;
sucking the kid next door.
Making Friends: 02Mark JamesSex with a horny bi cop.View
Seafood: 07Mark JamesEd introduces Dean and Larry to anal sex.View
While you Were
ed. Uncutstretch
A hot escapade by an anonymous writer.View
Timing is Everything  Mark JamesCruising in Griffith Park - true story.View
Vignettes: 09Mark JamesFucking the coach; bathroom BJ; workout partners get off.View
Trade: 03Mark JamesThe hustler gets fucked for the 1st timeView
Seafood: 08Mark JamesLarry & Dean, Ed's young marines,
are falling in love - and lust!
Trucker: 01Mark JamesA trucker picks up a hitch-hiker for face-fuck action.View
Vignettes: 10Mark JamesFour more horny quickies to jerk off to.View
Seafood: 09Mark JamesDean and Larry fuck and suck 3 more sailors.View
Vignettes: 11Mark JamesFour more fast suck and fuck tales.View
Trade: 04Mark JamesSam tells of his final fuck fest with Gene
on the road to becoming a hustler.
Carpe DiemMark JamesOur storyteller "seizes the dick" to give a buddy a BJView
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