This is important because it connects databases creation with the technology of the internet. Online databases can be helpful for students as a reference. These databases are superior to offline databases because they allow for multiple users to interact with them.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Maus I19739780394747231Pantheon Books152010-02-10159
The Wee Free Men20039780060012380Harper Collins72009-12-20375
Scorpions19889780064470667Harper Collins72010-01-27216
Fallen Angels19889780545055765Scholastic72008-07-18309
I am America (and so can you)20079780446582186Spartina162009-11-07219
4720059780316016353Little, Brown and Company42010-01-14232
The Book Thief20059780375842207Random House122010-01-12386
Parable of the Sower19939780446675505Grand Central Publishing62010-01-13343
A Wizard of Earthsea19689780553262506Bantam Dell82008-03-26198
A Wizard of Earthsea19689780553262506Bantam Dell82008-03-26198
Carver: A Life in Poems20019781886910539Sixth Printing172010-01-14103
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