Name Barn Name Person Or Horse Gender Breed Looks Age OCC
Catriana Elizabeth DunmorePersonFemale She is a petite little thing, but by no means is she weak. Standing at 5'3, Catriana has brilliant green eyes and golden tresses that hang to her waist. Despite being light haired and light eyed, she has a much tanner skin than the rest of her family does. The reason? She spends most of her time outside or riding her horse, Othello. Her face usually has a pleasant look about it, but can turn into a scowl at the first sign of her unhappiness. Her temper usually gets the best of her, and at times, her green flash in anger, and her pretty red lips spew out curse words left and right - much to her father, the Viscount Dumore's dismay. 22Kalypso
Vincent's Starry KnightVincentHorseMaleMustangxPaint15hh, Black Overo, semi-muscular, sleek Mustang build, bright blue eyes, heart-shaped black marking on neck5Boggles
Running the TownZeusHorseMaleThoroughbredxBelgianLarge sorrel stallion with a thich blaze running down his face. 16.3 hh5Mohawk
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