This database can to used to tell students what books they need to get for class. They will know the ISBN number to look it up online and who it is published by. The price is also very helpful so students can decide if they want to buy the book or if they want to get it from a library. The publishing year will help students know the time period the book is written so they may know the context of the book. Although I do not want students to pick a book by page number it can help students know how fast they can read it. I would use this to give to students and parents so they know what materials are used in the class. I want parents and students to easily access the book I will use in class. This database allows all the information someone needs to find a book. The ISBN number also makes sure everyone has the same edition and will have the same page numbers.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Number Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Little Red Riding Hood18899317485963235Little Red Riding Hood Publishing15171020
The Three Little Pigs19139284850401837Big Bad Wolf Publishing119140915
Rapunzel19119182737485938Prince Charming Publishing1110230912
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs19379183646828374Disney Publishing183130721
Cinderella19509182737482018Disney Publishing166120813
The Great Gatsby19259182776482191Charles Scribner's Sons1341206302
A Seperate Peace19599837462187263John Knowels Publishing10101305196
The Adventure of Tom Sawyer18769182645281283Mark Twain Publishing1260603275
The Lord of the Flies19549163892764819Faber and Faber Publishing13110204248
Rebecca19389827461816438Victor Gollancz1421403325
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