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Name Gender Breed Color Height Herd Player
AureliusMaleThoroughbredBlack [EE/aa]16.1His OwnSiimore
DansiaFemaleMorabSilver Grulla [Ea/aa/Dd/nZ]15.2- - -Northmore
FireSailMaleFriesianBlack [EE/aa]16.0L'Oasis IsoléeTinkmore
Hoku-leleFemaleMustangPalomino [ee/Aa/nCr]14.0Vivianmore
HoratioMaleSpanish MustangPalomino Overo [ee/Aa/nCr/nO]15.1Herd 1Momomore
InfernoMaleAmerican Paint x Mustang x QH x TBBay *Dun Overo [EE/AA/DD/nO]17.0Tinkmore
LandonFemaleTennessee Walker x Missouri Fox TrotterFlaxen Chestnut [ee/Aa/ff]16.1Katmore
LeoMale1/2 Mustang, 1/2 MarwariBay [Ee/Aa]14.3L'Oasis IsoléeDoghrsemore
Lucky LucianoFemaleMixedSmoky Blue Roan Tobiano [EE/aa/nCr/Rr/nT]15.3L'Oasis IsoléeK!bamore
MercuryFemale1/2 Arabian, 1/4 Paint, 1/4 Mustang*Silver Bay Overo [EE/Aa/ZZ/nO]15.0Les RebellesTinkmore
MudFemaleMustangChestnut Roan [ee/Aa/Rr]14.2Splashmore
MumfordMaleQuarter Horse x PaintBlue Roan Tobiano [EE/aa/Rr/nT]16.3Herd 2Katmore
Scourned SirenFemalePaint/QH/Mustang/TB MixDunskin Overo [EE/AA/nCr/Dd/nO]16.2Sovereignmore
SpliceMaleLusitano/HanoverianBuckskin (Dappled) [genes]16.0Les CélibatairesZanmore
The DoctorMaleAppaloosaLeopard (Bay) [Ee/Aa/ScSc/nSd]15.1Herd 1Sharpiemore
Twisted DesireFemale1/2 Paint, 1/2 MixedBuckskin [Ee/Aa/nCr]15.2Sovereignmore
WitchFemale1/2 Arabian, 1/4 Paso Fino, 1/4 TBSable Champagne *Brindle [Ee/Aa/nCh]15.3Zenniemore
* = Homozygous Trait, STAFF please put Male or Female only.
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