SUM Bank and Grade Entry
Character Name Faculty/Staff Member Galleons Reason for Submission Grade (if applicable)
Belinda PierceBeatrice Applewhite5Dipplomacy and Negotiations IA
Lucy FeatherwickAlex5Qudditch tryouts
Liana ChapmanAlex5Quidditch Tryouts
Calix PanosAlex4Quidditch Tryouts
Hyana KamiyaAlex5Quidditch Tryouts
Mia NealsonAlex5Quidditch Tryouts
Hector EdwardsAlex5Qudditch Tryouts
Gabriel ErrantAlex4Qudditch Tryouts
Darla AppleroseAlex4Qudditch Tryouts
Elly Eriksson,Alex5Quidditch Tryouts
Lexi NightAndrew4ArtA
Liana ChapmanAndrew6Sculpting IA
Isabella EdwardsAndrew5Painting IIA
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