As a teacher, there are many logistical concerns and a database assists in the organization of information for rapid recall. This database was created to catalogue texts purchased for an English class. It neatly organizes and documents several crucial items of information allowing me to quickly retrieve data in an organized fashion.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Publisher Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
The Call of the Wild1955978812503345Aerie59152010128
Daddy Long Legs20019781153597468General Books LLC18915201076
Hamlet2003978743476145Simon & Schuster69162010400
The Great Gatsby1999978743272587Scribner79152010180
The Hunger Games2010978439022550Scholastic Press99162010384
A Writer's Reference2006978312464337Bedford/St. Martin's859162010488
The Canterbury Tales2008978199534642Oxford University Press99172010412
Beowulf2001978393320000W. W. Norton & Company109152010215
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