The following database is a helpful tool for organizing texts used. Fields can either be organized by text prices or text length (in terms of pages). The additional fields, such as date of purchase, can help put the posted price in context and indicate whether the price listings are current. The multi-functional aspect of the database does a nice job of being adaptable to a user's needs.
Title Copyright Year ISBN Publisher Name Purchase Price Date Purchased Pages
Inside Out20049780325005885Heinemann7011/24/10274
War and Genocide20099780742557154Rowman and Littlefield2010/22/10245
The Road20069708030738789Vintage International1409/01/2008287
A Writer's Reference20099780312664763Bedford / St. Martin's2009/12/10508
The Aeneid20069780143105138Penguin Books1609/12/10484
Poetics and Rhetoric20059781593083076Barnes and Noble Classics1008/22/10517
On Oratory and Orators19709780809312931S. Illinois University Press2008/22/10379
The Paradox of Choice20049780060005696Harper-Perennial1509/12/10265
As I Lay Dying19579780679732259Vintage International1208/22/10259
Foundation19799780553293357Bantam Books807/17/10296
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