The point of this database is to provide students with a quick reference list of titles relevant to their current course of study. The information allows students with the necessary information to procure the titles themselves so that they can keep up with the classroom readings.
Title - Text Copyright Year - Number ISBN Number Number Publisher Name Text Purchase Price Number Date Purchased Number Pages Number
The Absolutely True Diary of a20070316013684Little, Brown and Company$9.999/15/2010229
Writing True: The Art and Craf200606370757Houghton Mifflin Company$39.919/15/2010393
Great Expectations19960141439564Penguin Classics$8.999/15/2010512
The Count of Monte Cristo19960140449264Penguin Classics$10.209/15/20101108
To Kill A Mockingbird20020060935464Perennial/HarperCollins$9.999/15/2010323
Getting the Girl20030439389496Arthur A. Levine Books$10.999/15/2010261
Flygirl20089780399247095G.P. Putnam's Sons$7.999/15/2010275
Mexican Whiteboy20089780385903295Delacorte Press$8.999/15/2010249
The Odyssey20000872204847Hackett Publishing Company Inc$15.959/15/2010412
The Disreputable History of Fr20080786838183Hyperion$8.999/15/2010345
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