Created By Nathan Loy - PHY 302 Database Project
This database lists the inventory and location of classroom equipment. The Database is displayed as a spreadsheet and is sortable in each field.
Item Name Location Description Quantity Cost
Ring StandCabinet 1ring stand1013.00
Clamp - ring stand - MiscCabinet 1ring stand attachment245.00
50g MassCabinet 2cylindrical mass161.00
100g MassCabinet 2cylindrical mass201.00
200g MassCabinet 2cylindrical mass181.00
500g massCabinet 2cylindrical mass61.00
BalanceCabinet 30 - 500g725.00
TrackCabinet 30 - 100cm167.00
Photogatecabinet 3Sensor829.00
TI-86Cabinet 4Graphing Calculator10115.00
StopwatchCabinet 7yellow or red624.00
Electric CartCabinet 7red car537.00
Meter StickStorage closetwooden meter stick102.00
Bicycle tireStorage closetfront bicycle tire135.00
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