Here, you will find the names of all the characters currently residing within Saik City along with some simple information.Only Ranma should be entering names and characters into the Database.
Name Gender Age Saik Saik Gender Home Element Player
Naomi KriyseFemale16BooMaleIdrica FalderWaterNaomi
Israel HeartMale16PandoraFemaleBosque ElementosDarkRanma
Ezra NicholsMale19--------Julia
Kryn Tani JuselFemale14 -- -- -- --Naomi
Gavrik Anton RostovskiiMale28SinclaireMale --AirEvy
Fenton JuselMale16TigerMale--AirEvy
Holden CordellMale16HadleyMale--LightEvy
Quentin PharrowMale12KaleMaleBosque ElementosFireEvy
Timati AngierFemale23KurliFemale--FireEvy
Blaire FeritemFemale19RogueFemale--FireNaomi
Felicia "Fel" TeagueFemale21Evy
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