The following list will help you and your classmates to identify members of your team

You all have to participate in project work (due March, 24th).
It is not hard. The topics are very easy. What is important is how well you can work as a team. All discussions could be found at Cruiser. All postings should be done during the next 10 days.

Note: Your role is to offer something new and creative related to your project. No needs to re-post the same information as your classmates already submitted. Try to find your own way to view a problem.

Your name Email address I am working on project #
Melissa Vetrecin1Choosing a Family Pet
Brittany Ungano2
Lucja Lublinski3Selecting a family pet
Mike Evans1Classify Domestic Cat
Blanca Laureano2who lives where
Alison Schmidt2Who lives where
Louise Previte3Selecting Family Cat
Jeff Eng1
Amie Guild2
Joe Beninato2
Jessica Watson2
caralyn krail2who lives where
Aourolia Kristianti2Who Lives Where
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