About Test 1

DBApps will be shutting down on February 28.

  • Test will be open on May,26th and closed on May, 27th.
  • Test has to be taken at once. It means that you can't take any breaks during your work.

  • Note 1: You will be able to review results after May, 28th.
  • Note 2: There will be no "make ups" for the text.

    Please fill in the form below. You will see your classmates submissions after answering all questions.

    Your name Do you know the dates when you have to take Test 1? Do you know that you are taking Test 1 online? Do you know that you can't reopen the test after closing it? Any questions you might have about the Test?
    Jennifer WatsonNo
    Melissa KlineNo
    Amanda Arias
    Nina Petracca
    Sarah Benkert
    Jaime Talbot
    Katarzyna Bogal
    Frank Rondinone
    Marissa Duggan
    Anthony Vargas
    Michael Liming
    Steven PouposNo
    yindy reyesNo
    Nataly Cardona

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