Item Description Quantity Who is it assigned to
Folding KennelBlue 30" three door folding kennel - 30x21x242Adoptions
Vinyl BannerFeral Fanciers table banner - Adoptions Today1Adoptions
Vinyl BannerFeral Fanciers vinyl table banner - generic1Tamara
Donation boxesClear, locking plastic boxes placed at various businesses.
Key holders - Dina, Tamara, Debbie
10Adoptions, Vets, Businesses
CarrierSmall cat carriers for s/n and vet visits4Adoptions, Tamara
Tru-Catch TrapsTru-Catch 32" traps Traps number 1 - 5.5Jillyan McGraw
Tru-Catch TrapsTru-Catch Traps #6 - 105Bill Henry
Tru-Catch TrapsTru-Catch Traps #11 - 144Melissa Causey
Tru-Catch TrapsTru-Catch Traps #15 - 162Jennifer Vemilleara
Tru-Catch TrapsTru-Catch Traps #17 - 215Debra
Tomahawk traps#1, #7, #1515Bruce Nance
Trap Dividerstrap dividers5Bonnie, Bill, Deb S, Jillyan, Melissa
Tru-Catch TrapsTru-Catch Trap1The Fairbanks (Print Express)
Tru-Catch TrapsTru-catch traps2Veda (Randa's SPCA friend)
Tru-Catch TrapsTru-Catch Traps1Kohns
Tru-Catch trapTru-A, Tru-B, Tru-C, Tru-D4Bruce Nance
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