By answering the following questions you admit that you are capable to take the short online winter class. You acknowledge the fact that Christmas and NY eve is included in your class schedule. It means that you are not off on these days. You also understand that any unforseen circumstances that could be taken in consideration in regular classes will not be met in this course.
Your name Your class I understand that I am taking a self-learning class I am confident that I can do work on time and never ask for extensions I am sure that I am capable to read the the ebook and use online tutorials by myself I know that I am responsible for all assigned work (not only online) I know that I am obligated to take Final at college In general I am a very responsible student. Any doubts or concerns you want to share with your instructor?
Nicole Wallace
Alexis Reino
Sara Yocum
Karynna Jacome
Maeve Lynskey
Yadira Rodriguez
Raymond lang
Steven Rudalf
Kristine London
Giselle Ovalles
Carly Bergstrom
thomas odonnell
TylerI wasn't able to access the Chapter 1 quiz for some reason, and cannot seem to activate Chapter 1 Test now.

I need help, also I just need a reminder email from the teacher telling me when the next assignment is up on Campus Cruiser.
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