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Alitash is considered average in size, if not a bit smaller. It deducts nothing from her appearance though as she is slender and fit, standing tall on her feet and fully expected to be listened to. Her back is blanketed in ash gray, lightening down her sides into a cream colour for her belly and legs. Her tail is also mostly gray, though strewn with white hairs. Eyes are a deep yellow, almost bordering on brown.
Alitash is still young in her maturity, however she pulls off the motherly type feel quite easily. Always read to listen to problems and offer comfort, she's quiet and strong as a shoulder to lean on. She was a lone pup and so grew up following her mother's footsteps, finding dominance an easy thing. Used to getting her way, she doesn't tolerate a lot of arrogance and will put others in their place should she think they're going to far. She also frowns upon those who are overly submissive, not quite understanding why a wolf would allow themselves to fall into a pit of despair or think themselves unworthy. However, being overly submissive is far better than challenging. She definitely has a better outlook on life than her fellow leaders. Much more charming and talkative, Alitash can be a joker one minute and a serious and more alert wolf the next. She won't turn a wolf down, but expects them to pull their share of the pack. A free ride is not what she's offering. While she still has some to grow in maturity and understanding, she's got it pretty much down that being alone is a bummer. Having spent a long time without company, Alitash enjoys spending time with other wolves. She's curious without being too much of a prodding pup, playful yet unwilling to engage should the other not feel like it. When it comes down to business, she's pretty much all business. Polite to the point of not growling and snarling at those who cross her path, she makes it clear that she's the one in charge before letting them in with a friendly wag. Everybody deserves a chance, as long as they can show some common sense. However, should they take chance after chance, Alitash will not hesitate to let them know it's not a good thing. She's lenient, not a pushover.
Alitash was born after the war of evil, neutral and rebels. Her parents were Silverstar and Himitsu, her one littermate stillborn due to the hard times that the wolves faced. There were two other pups within the pack, both adopted by different wolves so she wasn't a complete social growth failure. The first year of her life was quite hard, lending to her leaner appearance. The prey was scarce due to the draught, the herds of deer moving off the pack territory and further away. It was the first autumn when her mother died in an earthquake, leaving Himitsu to take care of her. The year afterwards found most of the pack dispersing. Himitsu died shortly after she turned one, leaving her under the guidance of Silentwind and her pup Willow. Silentwind died later in the fall, and Willow wandered off shortly after. Alitash spent the winter and most of the spring alone before she reclaimed her mother's territory as her own.
Daughter of Silverstar and Himitsu. Alpha of the Silver Mist pack.
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