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Individuals Surname Individuals Firstname Individuals Date of Birth Individuals Country of Birth Fathers Firstname Fathers Date of birth Fathers Country of Birth Mothers Maiden Name Mothers Firstname Mothers Date of Birth Mothers Country of Birth Individuals Spouse (Maiden) Name Individuals Spouse Firstname Individuals Spouse Date of Birth Individuals Spouse Country of Birth Submitters Name Submitters Email Relationship to Submitter Remarks
TrehyRichard1902-01-13IrelandJohn Thomas1853-02-16IrelandHeffernanMary1858-03-23IrelandHoganMargaret1924-08-07IrelandPaddy TrehyFather
HoganMargaret1924-08-07IrelandJames1895-09-08IrelandRyanMargaret1902-10-29IrelandTrehyRichard1902-01-13IrelandPaddy TrehyMother
TrehyJohn Thomas1853-02-16IrelandPatrick1826-11-23IrelandMulhallMary1832-01-01IrelandHeffernanMary1858-03-23IrelandPaddy TrehyPaternal Grandfather
HeffernanMary1858-03-23IrelandJames1830-01-01IrelandDowlingMargaret1830-01-01IrelandTrehyJohn Thomas1853-02-16IrelandPaddy TrehyPaternal Grandmother
TrehyPatrick Christopher1952-12-11IrelandRichard1902-01-13IrelandHoganMargaret1924-08-07IrelandO'HanlonElizabeth Marion1955-05-29IrelandPaddy TrehySelf
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