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Haiki Mura Database Legend

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All characters have been entered in the database from the oldest join to the most recent join.

All characters are entered with the information provided on their original join post.

* Reserved names that are currently in use are not listed as reserved.

[] = Six Months Example: 6 months or 3 years 6 months (3.5)
= Zero Example: This character was zero when joined.
[To Player] = Gifted to Player Example: [To Kinju], because this character was given to Kinju by the former player.
[Name] = Current Name Example: This character's name was changed to the name in brackets.
[Retired] = No longer played Example: Dog #1 has been quit, so he/she is retired.
[Active] = Currently played Example: Dog #2 is actively being role-played.
[Invalid] = Corrupt join Example: Dog #3 had a canceled join, or was not created following the rules.
[Reserved] = Cannot Use Example: Dog #4 is listed as reserved, and can only be used by a specific member.
Name Age Gender Breed Parents Join Date Player Status
Angel2FemaleAlaskan MalamuteUnknown5/31/08EmilyFellDownRetired
Tyrant4MaleGerman Shepherd DogUnknown5/31/08KinjuActive
Lady Nyx4FemaleGerman Shepherd DogUnknown5/31/08WyndstarRetired
Art2MaleGerman Shepherd Dog x Labrador RetrieverUnknown5/31/08EmilyFellDownRetired
Velvet3FemaleCocker SpanielUnknown5/31/08Bleeding SoulRetired
Surreal3FemaleSiberian HuskyUnknown5/31/08WyndstarRetired
Dante3MaleSiberian HuskyUnknown5/31/08WyndstarRetired
Heaven2FemaleAustralian ShepherdUnknown5/31/08RockyRetired
Talos3MaleSiberian HuskyUnknown6/1/08RukiaRetired
Nymph5FemaleGolden Retriever x Siberian HuskyUnknown6/1/08Bleeding SoulRetired
Maxwell4MaleSiberian HuskyUnknown6/1/08KcatActive
Rosebud3FemaleSiberian HuskyUnknown6/1/08KcatRetired
Magnum2MaleKing ShepherdUnknown6/1/08RockyRetired
Hell Walker5MaleBoerboelUnknown6/1/08WyndstarRetired
Tocaia2FemaleAmerican Pit Bull TerrierUnknown6/1/08RockyRetired
Emmit2MaleAustralian ShepherdUnknown6/1/08RosieRetired
Calypso4FemaleCanary Fighting DogUnknown6/1/08WyndstarActive
Rixe4MaleCanary Fighting DogUnknown6/1/08KinjuActive
Africa2FemaleGerman Shepherd DogUnknown6/2/08Bleeding SoulActive
Rex1MaleRottweilerUnknown6/2/08Bleeding SoulRetired
Decay2FemaleTibetan MastiffUnknown6/3/08BubblesActive
Kaera3FemaleEnglish PointerUnknown6/11/08RukiaRetired
Sora2MaleSiberian HuskyUnknown6/18/08LolitaRetired
Akuma4MaleGerman Shepherd DogUnknown6/18/08LolitaRetired
Candii3FemaleGerman Shepherd DogUnknown6/21/08LolitaRetired
Gangster4MaleIrish WolfhoundUnknown6/27/08LarkRetired
CalandraFemaleWhippet x King ShepherdBlasia x Magnum6/27/08WyndstarRetired
ZaleMaleWhippet x King ShepherdBlasia x Magnum6/27/08WyndstarRetired
CatoMaleWhippet x King ShepherdBlasia x Magnum6/27/08WyndstarRetired
LilithFemaleGerman Shepherd DogTyrant x Lady Nyx6/27/08WyndstarActive
UnknownUnknownGolden Retriever x Siberian HuskyDante x Nymph6/27/08Bleeding SoulRetired
AmarantaFemaleSiberian HuskyDante x Rosebud6/27/08WyndstarRetired
NalinMaleSiberian HuskyDante x Rosebud6/27/08WyndstarRetired
DianthaFemaleSiberian HuskyDante x Rosebud6/27/08WyndstarRetired
InigoMaleBoerboel x American Pit Bull TerrierHell Walker x Tocaia6/27/08WyndstarRetired
TheronMaleCanary Fighting DogRixe x Calypso6/27/08WyndstarRetired
MistFemaleSiberian HuskyTalos x Surreal6/27/08WyndstarRetired
Hell's RiskMaleBoerboel x BroholmerHell Walker x Risque6/27/08WyndstarActive
MaudireMaleBoerboel x BroholmerHell Walker x Risque6/28/08RukiaActive
VoyezFemaleBroholmer x MuttRisque x Prince6/28/08RukiaRetired
KiburiMaleSiberian HuskyTalos x Surreal6/28/08RukiaRetired
SaviorMaleSiberian HuskyTalos x Surreal6/28/08RukiaRetired
RoulanMaleCanary Fighting DogRixe x Calypso6/28/08RukiaActive
ZeusMaleGerman Shepherd DogTyrant x Africa6/28/08WyndstarRetired

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