TREASURY -- Basic: Evolution
This is the Treasury for Basic: Evolution! Here the staff will keep track of who has what to the best of their ability!
Character Name Attributes Relics Magicks Companions Other Treasury Page Played By Last Updated
TarquinPhoenix Rebirth (in use, Lionfish Barbs, Cold Body, Mismatched Eyes, Cloven Hooves, Dragon Wings, Fog BreathThunder Bottle, Conch Shell (x2), Two Part Mirror (x2), Glowy Substance, Jar of Lust, CIP Potion, Jar of Illusion, Calming Stone, Creation Egg (x2), Golem Stone, Possession Shard (x2), Transformation Crystal (x2), Dragon Blood, Small Piece of Petrified Wood, Strength Coin, Earth Mask Shard - Eye (x2), Diamond Shard, Starlight Bottle, Water Glass, Rainbow Paintbrush, Porcupine Quill, Lamp, Dream Dust (x2), Orb of Entrapment, Feral Liquid, Truth Serum, Shrinking Tassle, Prune Juice, Cup of Perpetual Torment, Beer Stein, Oyster, Kite, Tombstone, Coin of Duplication, Earth Mask Shard - MouthTwo Earth, Four FireShadow Creature, Sabertooth, Kirin, Wolf, Loon, Fawn, Parrot, Goldfish, Rat, Golem One, Golem Two Dragon Form - Wrath
Human Form - Greed
The stral Form - Lust
Cheetah Form - Pride
Phoenix Form - Envy
Leopard Seal Form - Gluttany
Treasury PageCasJuly 5th, 2013
ChillmawConch Shell Pegasus Form - PrideTreasury PageCharizardJune 21st, 2013
TriggerphishThick Chain Necklace with a PouchRaven Feather, Bright Sky Piece, Relic Coin, Wolf Tooth, Loon Beak, Loon Foot, Earth Mask Shard - Mouth, Diamond Shard (x2), Cloud QuillElement Creature, Sabertooth TigerTreasury PageJessyJuly 5th, 2013
AianCamoflage Body, Llama FeetRainbow Paintbrush, Loon Beak, Relic Coin, Mammoth Coin, Owl Feather, Earth Mask Shard - Forehead, Bear Bone, Empty Bottle Treasury PageCeejJuly 5th, 2013
Makism - awayWolf Teeth (in use), Blue Blood (in use), Pegasus Wings (in use), Water Aura (in use), Dragon Tail, Stress- Shifter (in use), Shark Teeth, Butterfly/Moth Wings, Earth BodyAbsorbing Plant Piece -- Expired June 28th, 2013. Healing Amulet, Bear Bone, Porcupine Quill, Calming Stone, Owl Beak, Creation Egg, Power Crystal - Wind, Peacock Feather Incarnate of WaterTreasury PageHoundJune 29th, 2013
Fantome - awayDragon Wings, Raptor Claw, Grey ColorRed Ribbon, Snake Fang, Transformation Crystal, Wolf Tooth, Paralyzing Saliva, Topaz Shard, Star BlanketDyllanJune 29th, 2013
VesperElongated Life (in use), Abnormally Long Mane & Tail (in use), Glass/Gemstone Horn; Pearl (in use), Bird Tail, Pegasus Wings (in use)Jar of Illusion, Kirin Antler, Possession Shard, Jagged Mirror Piece, Wind Aura, Red Ribbon, Butterfly Jar, Star Blanket, Moon Pendant, Healing Salve, Cloud Quill, Raven Feather, Parasitic WardIncarnate of AirRatTreasury PageMagpieJuly 11th, 2013
Corpse - awayWind Sphere, Purple BugHuman Form - LustHoundJune 14th 2013
TestamentAntelope Horns, Glowing Marking (in use), Fire/Electric Wings, Custom Eye Color, Fire/Electric Decoration, Dragon WingsButterfly Jar, Earth Mask Shard - Mouth, Bottle of Shadows, Jagged Mirror Piece x1, Parrot ClawOne FireTitanoboa FamiliarShadow x ChillmawTreasury PageCharizardJuly 11th, 2013
CassielSnake Eyes (in use), Dragon Blood (in use), Phoenix Rebirth (in use), Kirin Tail (in use), Cloven Hooves (in use), Antelope HornsDragon Blood, Red Ribbon, Phoenix Feather, Topaz Shard, Owl Beak, Creation Egg, Kirin Hoof, Kirin Tail, Peacock Feather, Moon Pendant, Copycat Elixer, Lamp, Voodoo Stick, Orb of Thesulah, Rib Bone, Deer Antler, Covered Log, Tortoise ShellOne EarthTarquin x Triggerphish (hybrid)

Human Form - Pride
Dragon Form - Greed
Treasury pageProseJuly 5th, 2013
BlodwenMammoth Coin, Claddagh Ring, Siren's Hair, Ocytropis, Calming Stone, Coffee Mug, Marble, Ring of Youth, Masquerade Mask, Birdnest, Padlock, Skeleton Key, Glass Eye, Eternity Shard, Handcuffs, Bird Whistle, Golden Feather, Fish Scale, WindchimesCrowTreasury PageLuffyJuly 9th, 2013
WeltanDouble WingsNestleJuly 9th, 2013
MorphineDoomzJuly 3rd, 2013
Vincent - AwayComedy Mask, Cornucopia, Sea Glass, Copycat Elixir, Loon Foot Incarnate of EarthHorseshoe CrabTreasury PageBoggJuly 11th, 2013
IrialVampiric, Angel wings, Color Changing, Mohawk'd Mane, Pupil-less Eyes, Glows with emotions Tragedy MaskTarquin x TriggerphishProseJuly 11th, 2013
ComaShadow Wings, Oil Sheen, Pupil-Less Eyes, Mood SkinTarquin x TriggerphishJessyJuly 9th, 2013
Mr. Grey - AwayTragedy Mask, Jar of LustPigeonLappet-Faced Vulture - GluttonyTreasury PageBoggJuly 5th, 2013
PrometheusBlitzJuly 5th, 2013
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