Your name Do you know that it is a self-learning class? Are you capable to read a textbook, work with tutorials on your own? Do you know that you MUST take Midterm and Final on campus? Any doubts or concerns you want yo share with me?
Priyanka Singh
Courtney Lalanne
Aisha QadeerWhen I have any issues can I contact you on campus? Thanks
Prateek MunikuntlaHow do we get help for problems we can not solve on our own in this class?
Nieran Thayaparan
Kristy T LauIf i have any questions/problems, can i talk to you in person?
Nicholas Pasquale
Krystsina Mikhalkevich
Krystal Veliz
Brandon LumI was not under the impression we would have to take exams on campus. Please send the dates for the exams as soon as possible so scheduling around the exam may be made possible.
Danish Sheikh
Dyanna Nunez
Leena Kasa
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