Your name Do you know that you signed up for a self-learning class? Have you read about this class at Cruiser? Do you know how to sign up for Are you sure that you are capable to read a book and use video tutorials on your own? Do you know that you have to take Midterm and Final on campus at the Testing Center? Any doubts or concerns you want to share with your instructor and classmates?
Mbargou Gueyeon the mylab assignments will there be certain amount of time we given to have the assignment completed and will we have an unlimited time to to the assignments
Tyson Morris
Ena VujicNone
Jonathan Burbano
Elvis Valentinfirst online course, anything special to know about this mymathlab business. Can it be used on a tablet?
Ajay Patel
Christina Renzi
Remy Singh
Julia Rudnicka
Jesse NantonNot at this time.
Kyna Beckner
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