Your name Do you know that you are enrolled in the self-learning class? Are you capable to read a book and use tutorials on your own? Do you know that you have to take at least two exams on campus from the Testing Center Have you read the info about this class at Cruiser? Did you sign up for Webassign? In general are you a responsible students? Any doubts or concerns you want to share with your instructor and classmates?
Rachel Korom
Dana CriscuoloI've always been good at math but I took precalculus in high school and just couldn't grasp it. I'm hoping this time around I can understand better.
Dorian Demirjian
Ray Drill
Colleen Frees
Patrick Wasik
Michelle Lev
Dom Aives
matthew kalita sr
Noel McCormickWhat times are the tutoring center open?
Jennifer RyanI will be signing up for web assign, I went through my text (binder text) this morning and I cannot find the web assign card that usually comes with it. I will be at the bookstore back on Tuesday when the open if I am not able to locate it.
Nicole Ducca
Lance Jordan
Vivian Rubio
Jae-il Han
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