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Item Location What to hunt Special Notes Submitted by
A green gemAnthariaCyan
A sea turtle shellAnthariaCyan
A giant clamshellAnthariaCyan
An Antharian signet ringAnthariaCyan
Antharian plate mailAnthariaCyan
A pair of synthetic finsAnthariaCyan
An Antharian helmetAnthariaCya
A sparkling tridentAnthariaCyan
A seafood platterAnthariaCyan
A dish of caviarAnthariaCyan
Today's specialAnthariaCyan
Some sushiAnthariaCyan
An Antharian robeAnthariaCyan
An Antharian beltAnthariaCyan
Antharian trousersAnthariaCyan
A round piece of metalAnthariaCyan
A crystal potionAnthariaCyan
A crystal scrollAnthariaCyan
A glowing seashellAnthariaCyan
An Antharian style bracerAnthariaCyan
A netAnthariaCyan
A pontiff's headressArachnosCyan
A black knight's visorArachnosCyan
A blue potionArachnosCyan
A magnificent blue flameAzure KeepCyan
A Mysterious BookAzure KeepCyan
Monolith fire clawAzure KeepCyan
Vampiric plant jawsAzure keepCyan
A Sentinel's SwordAzure KeepCyan
Some tangeled vinesAzure KeepCyan
A Tiny Azure SphereAzure KeepCyan
A squire's daggerCamelotCyan
A knight's maceCamelotCyan
A knight's lanceCamelotCyan
A suit of green armorCamelotCyan
Benlad's axeCamelotCyan
A white bracerCamelotCyan
The holy grailCamelotCyan
A many colored cloakCamelotCyan
Arthurt's scabbardCamelotCyan
Garlon's invisible armbandsCamelotCyan
Gawaine's horned helmCamelotCyan
Lamorak's spursCamelotCyan
Gauntlets of braveryCamelotCyan
The Incubus crest ringCamelotCyan
Marlin's staffCamelotCyan
Pair of black steel greavesCamelotCyan
Marble rod with white hop tipCamelotCyan
Pellinore's trailpackCamelotCyan
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