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Creature Database

This page will have information on all discovered species of animal, plants, insects, and "other" creatures. The ID number indicates the type of creature (P# = plants; A# = animals; I# = insects; M# = miscellaneous/other creature). Players should note that this list by no means restricts what animals or plants (and so on) they can use in posts, it's just a basic database for reference purposes; more lifeforms will be added as they are discovered and created!

ID Species Name Description Rarity
A001DragonReptilian creatures ranging in size from that of a kitten to a medium sized dog.Semi-Commonmore
A002TigerA large feline species most well known for their orange and black stripes.Commonmore
A003ElkA large cervidae species; males are known for their impressive antlers.Commonmore
A004SphinxMammalian creatures with the face of a human, body of a lion, and wings of an eagle.Raremore
A005Bald EagleA bird of prey most commonly recognized by its dark feathers and white head.Commonmore
A006Nandi BearA massive carnivorous bear- like animal.Commonmore
I001Golden BeetleTiny golden beetles that rarely show up in the same place twice.Raremore
I002Common House SpiderSmall brown spiders.Commonmore
I003Monarch ButterflyA large butterfly most well-known for their distinctive orange & black coloration.Commonmore
I004FirebugA small insect known for its light giving properties.Semi-Commonmore
I005Emperor DragonflyA blue or green carnivorous dragonfly.Commonmore
I006Atlas BeetleA massive, slow-moving beetle.Raremore
P001Pandorus FlowerA cluster of several small purple flowers.Raremore
P002Oak TreeA deciduous tree that drops acorns.Commonmore
P003Wild StrawberriesA vine-like plant that produces red berries.Commonmore
P004Carrion FlowerA carnivorous plant most commonly recognized by its horrible scent.Raremore
P005Pacific Madrona TreeA tree best known for the orange-red color of its exposed bark.Semi-Commonmore
P006Verruuk BushA large shrub that produces highly addictive berries.Commonmore
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