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This database lists all the current known diseases and conditions that can alter a character's abilities and/or physical appearance. Conditions are lifelong afflictions that can only be cured by player intervention; diseases are afflictions that will go away on their own after a set time period. If you have an idea for a new condition, disease, or condition perk, please let us know by posting on the Questions board!

If a condition or disease's status is listed as "Limited" or "Closed" it means there is currently a restriction on joining a character with this condition; they can still be earned through in character play though!

Name Description Affected Characters Status Type
LycanthropyTurns a character into a werewolf.NoneOpenConditionmore
VampirismTurns a character into a vampire.NoneOpenConditionmore
MermaidismTurns a character into a mermaid. NoneOpenConditionmore
Spectral RemnantTurns character into a ghost.NoneOpenConditionmore
Invisibility InfectionTurns a character invisible for 2 RL weeks.NoneClosedDiseasemore
Shadow EyesCauses blindness for 1 RL week.NoneClosedDiseasemore
Drooler's FitsCauses intense drooling for up to 1 RL week.NoneClosedDiseasemore
Optimistic ShineCauses a flood of positive feelings up to 2 RL weeks.NoneClosedDiseasemore
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