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a semi-realistic domestic dog rpg

Buyable Items Database

This page will hold details on all items that players can purchase using Tokens. Keep in mind that if you would like to buy something not listed here, you can always ask for it by posting on the Questions board! Additional items will be added as they are discovered and created. To search for Pack Allotment items, put (P) [include parenthesis] in the name search field.

Name Description Cost
Remove AbilityRemove a magical power/ability.100$more
Remove AlterationRemove a physical alteration.100$more
Random Affil TokenSkip the Taming process and acquire a randomized Affil.1000$more
Age Lock"Lock" your character's age permanently.1000$more
Miracle MoonstoneAllows a [sterile or same-sex] couple to procreate.150$more
Affil TokenSkip the Taming process and acquire a 100% customized Affil.2000$more
Female TokenGuarantees female offspring for a successful pregnancy.250$more
Male TokenGuarantees male offspring for successful pregnancy.250$more
Affil Name TokenChange your Affil's name.300$more
CleanseInstantly heals diseases or injuries.300$more
Fertility BoosterGuarantees conception; increases chances of a large litter.300$more
Affil Sex Swap TokenChange your Affil's biological sex.300$more
Item ClonerCreates a "clone" of a single item (theft).350$more
Sample SelectorSelect the "stats" of your partner when breeding with a Sample Character.350$more
Sex Swap TokenChange your character's biological sex.400$more
Hereditary SelectionSelect which abilities and appearance alterations are transferred from parent(s) to child.400$more
Creature Token (P)Release a creature within your territory!400$Pmore
Stat SelectorAllows a player to manipulate offspring stats.450$more
Remove DefectRemove a magical defect.50$more
Character EditorAllows you to edit your character.500$more
No Admin TokenComplete a fight without waiting for admin injury rolls.500$more
Monster Token (P)Release a wild monster in your territory!500$Pmore
AutorollOverrides mandatory roleplaying requirement in fights.600$more
Destroy AffilRemove a bonded Affil completely.600$more
Disease ImmunityCharacter cannot contract a disease for 1 IG Season.600$more
Pregnancy ManipulationAllows a player 100% control over the procreation process.600$more
Age ChangeChange your character's age.600$more
Custom Event (P)Run a customized event for your pack!600$Pmore
Safe Haven BonusGrants a "special something" during breeding.700$more
Affil Edit TokenEdit your Affil!800$more
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