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a semi-realistic domestic dog rpg

Character Database

If you are unsure where your Token balance came from, please feel free to contact Fennic directly! Accounting documents are kept on all characters. :)

Character Name Breed(s) Age Affil Name Tokens Player
Ásgeir Alaskan Husky2 Years (FALL)None yet550$Solmore
Astrid Great Dane2 Years (FALL)None yet780$Fennicmore
Azazel Doberman Pinscher4 Years (WINTER)None yet450$Destineemore
Bul-Kathos Mutt7 Years (SPRING)None yet790$Fennicmore
Elba Mutt5 Years (SPRING)None yet650$Lobomore
Elexzra Doberman Pinscher4 Years (WINTER)None yet1270$Destineemore
Hinlee Groenendael2 Years (WINTER)None yet350$Drizziemore
Honeysuckle Doberman Pinscher4 Years (SPRING)None yet900$Kcatmore
Hutch American Bulldog2 Years (SPRING)None yet1090$Kylamore
Hyacinth Wolf Hybrid5 Years (WINTER)None yet300$Destineemore
Iago Groenendael5 Years (FALL)None yet900$Merlinmore
La Bruja Coydog9 Years (LOCKED)None yet90$Fennicmore
Lefteris MuttPup (SPRING)None yet2060$Georgiamore
Maxwell Siberian Husky5 Years (SPRING)None yet250$Kcatmore
Merneith Ibizan Hound7 Years (SPRING)None yet1030$Georgiamore
Nicoli Croatian Sheepdog3 Years (SUMMER)None yet770$Tomskamore
Otmari Australian Shepherd7 Years (WINTER)None yet450$Kaitlynmore
Ravenwing Canadian Eskimo Dog6 Years (WINTER)None yet705$Cakemore
Sika Norwegian Elkhound1 Year (SPRING)None yet850$Kaitlynmore
Spideris Flat-Coated Retriever4 Years (WINTER)None yet800$Cakemore
Thalia MuttPup (SPRING)None yet520$Edelmore
Wyatt Gordon Setter5 Years (SPRING)None yet650$Merlinmore
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