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Your name Do you know that you are taking a SEF-LEARNING class? Are you capable to read a textbook on your own? Watch videos and use tutorials? Do you know that you have to submit your homework through MyMathlab.com? Do you know that all assignments must be submitted on time? Do you know that you have to take Final exam on campus? In general, are you a responsible student? Any doubts or concerns you would like to share with me and your classmates?
Lindsey BlakeI am just concerned about when the final exam will take place on campus. If I could get the date to come in so I can let my job know, so I can make rearrangements that would great.
Lisseth Alejandra CalderonWould you be available at any moment to meet with us if we have any questions about the material? or will everything be strictly online but our final?
Kayla Mangal
Christina Roden
Anthony AlexanderI look forward to taking this class. I think it will be a good expierence
Mohnish TandonHello how are you Professor i just wanted to is everything online.
Kourtney Gush
Jamel Tejeda
Keith Douglas
Daarina HawesNone
Sanjana Singh
Ashley Archer
John Signore
Ervin Ramos
Ashley Ristaino
Trey Wilson
Sanjana Singh
Mohnish Tandon
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