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Alchemist's Companion

Here is a database of all "discovered" alchemy recipes! The first recipe Alchemist's should complete is The Alchemist's Bag, which will permit your character to carry all manner of ingredients. There is important information on each Recipe under "more". New recipes will be added as they are discovered. Players are always welcome to submit ideas for new recipes too!

attempting to recreate ANY of these "potions" in real life. Don't try these at home, folks!

Recipe Name Ingredients Intended Effects
Alchemist's Bag2 Animal SkinsCreates an Alchemist's Bag.more
Battle BoostFish Scale, Cotton, MushroomLures a monster to the nearby area.more
Beautifying PotionBelladonna, Mistletoe, Lotus Flower Increases a character's allure.more
Fertility PotionChicken Egg, Rabbit Foot, Rose PetalTemporarily increases fertility. [Breeding]more
Goose PotionGooseberry, Goose FeatherTemporarily turns user into a goose...more
Hunter's PotionMushroom, Taproot, Long FinAdds a random buff. [Hunting]more
Injury PoisonDeathbell, Mushroom, BeeCauses a small injury.more
Lizard PotionLizard Eye, Lizard ScaleTemporarily turns the user into a small lizard...more
Luring PotionLeek, Ginger, SukebindLures a unique animal to the nearby area.more
Potion of DisguiseGinseng, Fluxweed, Shimmerweed, KnotgrassTemporarily changes a character's physical appearance.more
Potion of EvasionLong Fin, Beehive [vacant], MyrrhTemporarily prevents capture. [Theft]more
Potion of Extreme HealingYellow Flower, Lotus, Moth Wing, MossHeals major injuries.more
Potion of HealingChicken Egg, Moss, JuniperHeals moderate injuries.more
Potion of Heavy HittingBee, Butterfly, Red FlowerAdds +1 to Hits. [Fighting]more
Potion of InvisibilityBlood Grass, GlowwormGrants temporary invisibility.more
Potion of Minor HealingBlisterwort, Dragonfly WingHeals small injuries.more
Potion of WaterbreathingLotus Flower, Lily Roots, MossAllows temporary waterbreathing.more
Quester's DelightMyrrh, Ninniroot, Thrush EggRemoves a step. [Quest]more
Sickness PosionBelladonna, Witchwart, Long FinCauses a mild illness.more
Skill DraughtMoth Wing, Mushroom, NettleAdds +1 use to a Word of Power.more
Slime PotionPondscum, MossTemporarily makes user slimy...more
Wonky PotionMoth Wing, WitchwartTemporarily makes character look "weird"...more
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