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The Grimoire

Here is a database of all currently known Words of Power. There is important information on each Word under "more"! New Words will be added as they are created and discovered! Characters will unlock a permanent power, or can increase the strength of an already unlocked one, every 40 posts; unless otherwise stated, all regular Words of Power below can be made permanent.

note: most Words are Latin or Latin-based, however, we do not claim to be "Latin Experts" and rely largely on online translators.
if you are familiar with the language and can provide any corrections, we would be very grateful!

Phrase Effect(s) Branch Deity
Animatum lutumTemporarily animates a clay golem.AnimationOld Whitemore
Eademque plantaTemporarily animates a plant.AnimationOld Whitemore
Eademque aut ferroTemporarily animates a weapon.AnimationOld Whitemore
Acerrimae petramTemporarily animates a rock golem.AnimationOld Whitemore
Acerrimae aquamTemporarily animates a water golem.AnimationOld Whitemore
Ambulans herbaTemporarily animates a plant-based golem.AnimationOld Whitemore
Lapidem vivumTemporarily animates a rock.AnimationOld Whitemore
Et auferte omnem infirmitatemRemoves illness from a living thing.BanishingNight Blackmore
Exterminant lucemExtinguishes light in a nearby area.BanishingNight Blackmore
MetusMakes 2 nearby creatures unable to feel fear.BanishingNight Blackmore
Exterminant speMakes 2 nearby creatures feel depressed and hopeless.BanishingNight Blackmore
Exterminant aquamDries out nearby area.BanishingNight Blackmore
Exterminant caloremMakes nearby area freezing cold.BanishingNight Blackmore
Excute geluMakes nearby area boiling hot.BanishingNight Blackmore
Angeli quidem sensuCharacter becomes a herbivore. Can heal mild & moderate injuries by touch.BlessingOld Whitemore
Angelica medicinaInstant, full healing of illness and injuries [even when on the brink of death].BlessingOld Whitemore
Signum beataGrants a single temporary unique marking. Increases luck [better odds].BlessingOld Whitemore
Biblia benedictionemProtects pups from harm.BlessingOld Whitemore
Venerabilis hostiaLeaches health and energy from the user and gives it to another.BlessingOld Whitemore
InviolabilisGrants temporary invulnerability.BlessingOld Whitemore
Somnia propheticaGrants prophetic dreams temporarily.BlessingOld Whitemore
Veni gnomeSummons a weak earth spirit [ex: gnome].ConjuringOld Whitemore
Venit undineSummons a weak water spirit [ex: undine].ConjuringOld Whitemore
Venit sylphSummons a weak air spirit [ex: sylph].ConjuringOld Whitemore
Venit ut salamandraeSummons a weak fire spirit [ex: mythic salamander].ConjuringOld Whitemore
Aquam"Borrow" water from nearby plants.ConjuringOld Whitemore
Calor"Borrow" heat from sunlight.ConjuringOld Whitemore
Refrigeratum"Borrow" cold from deep waters and shadows.ConjuringOld Whitemore
Curabitur vitaeCreates a large patch of plant life where none existed.CreationOld Whitemore
Rationem facere aquamCreates a pond where none existed before.CreationOld Whitemore
Aliquam igniCreates a "living" flame under user's control.CreationOld Whitemore
Aliquam pruinaCreates "living" frost under user's control.CreationOld Whitemore
Aliquam erat luxSummons a ball of light under user's control.CreationOld Whitemore
Aliquam caloremWarms the nearby area to a comfortable level.CreationOld Whitemore
Aliquam sit consolatioProduces a soothing effect on all animals in nearby area.CreationOld Whitemore
Nocte terroresCauses intense and disturbing nightmares.CurseNight Blackmore
Damnum membriSeverely wounds or removes a limb.CurseNight Blackmore
Oppugno Causes severe bruising; possible broken bones.CurseNight Blackmore
Exhaurire salutemLeaches health and energy from character and gives to user.CurseNight Blackmore
DeminutumCauses target to become very weak.CurseNight Blackmore
AdflictusCauses target to become plagued; infects those around them with illness.CurseNight Blackmore
Caro comedentisCauses target to become cannibalistic. Gains strength from eating flesh.CurseNight Blackmore
Adduc acidCauses acid rain in a nearby area.DestructionNight Blackmore
Ne dissipes illudCompletely destroy a single inanimate object.DestructionNight Blackmore
Comede hocDestroy an object by eating it.DestructionNight Blackmore
Solvite pacemCause ill-feelings and "bad vibes" in a nearby area.DestructionNight Blackmore
Salutem perdereCause animal life nearby to become infected/ill.DestructionNight Blackmore
HomicidiumCauses a large patch of plant life to wither and die.DestructionNight Blackmore
AqueCause a pool of water to become poisonous.DestructionNight Blackmore
LeporemUser gives off calming, trustworthy "vibes".EnchantingOld Whitemore
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