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This page will provide some information on the basic terrain, climate, flora and fauna that can be found on Sanctuary.


Sanctuary's kingdoms are set up at four corners of a moderately-sized island, it would take approximately two weeks to travel completely from one end to the other. There are other islands that become visible under certain conditions, but no canines have ever managed to survive the swim (or, if they have, they've never returned to tell their tale!). Rumor has it that several of these islands actually roam the world, disappearing for months on end before returning to their original location. These islands may drift near enough for canines to see vague movements in the brush from time to time, but the waters are still treacherous and impossible to cross.

To the northwest lies the kingdom of Verr, a region of massive snow-capped mountains; canines typically reside on the southern side of the mountains, with the actual capital (Star City) built on a plateau between two massive peaks. The easiest way to travel to, and around, Verr is by flight, but canines may also make the laborious trek up the mountainside if needed and large, open-air platforms connect structures so those who aren't capable of flight can travel between them. Verr stays relatively cold year-round, never raising above 60 degrees (65 degrees is considered a heatwave!); in fact, much of Star City remains coated in ice year round and glitters beautifully in the sunlight! Verr also has gorgeous views of the night sky, with many eager stargazers flocking to the city during the winter months. Having trouble with pronunciation? Just remember that Verr rhymes with Air!

To the northeast is the kingdom of Eire, a land best known for the many active lava flows that run through and around its capital (Tephra). Paths of smooth obsidian can be used to navigate the majority of the city, but certain portions are inaccessible to those who have not adapted to Eire; in fact, some parts of the city have actually been built beneath the lava! Eire stays hot most of the year (around 80 - 100 degrees) and volcanic ash typically covers the land for most of the spring and summer months; despite its location near the coast, humidity stays very low. Eire is lit day and night by the lava, and most residents actually tend to be more nocturnal. Many tourists visit for a taste of the wild parties that go on during the summer, but are often a target for the thriving community of rogues that prey on the ignorant. Eire is said just like Fire, except with an 'e' in front!

In the direct center of the island is a wide open field, usually referred to as simply "Haven". It is, in theory, a completely neutral zone belonging to no kingdom, and thus is a safe place for members of any and all kingdoms (or no kingdom at all!) to meet and socialize. Under the Haven Treaty canines are not supposed to steal from nor harm one another within Haven's boundaries, but, of course, there are those who choose to bend or break these rules. Most kingdom leaders will turn a blind eye to these occasional spats, but it is still considered a good idea to keep quiet about such events lest you find yourself with a bounty on your head! There is a large area of land, marked by a wide circle of stones (similar to Stonehenge) where no grass grows. This section of Haven, known only as The Stone Circle, is a sacred place used for honorable battles and tests given by the mysterious "Gods". Note: Fights, thefts, hunts, etc. etc. may be set in any portion of Sanctuary, but you will need to post them on the Stone Circle board for results!

The southeast corner of the island is home to Ator. The capital city, Oceania, is split into two portions: Upper and Lower. The Upper portion of the city is located above water, where structures have been built on raised platforms. Bridges have been put in place to assist visitors in crossing from place to place, but a strong swimming ability is a must have if you plan to survive in Ator for any length of time! The Lower portion of the city is actually located beneath the Upper portion, where structures have been built to provide privacy for the families that reside there, some of which may live underwater their entire lives! Ator is best known for its balmy temperatures and pleasant breezes, as well as the typically laid-back attitudes of its residents. Ator is pronounced similarly to Water without the 'w'.

And last, but not least, is the southwest portion of Sanctuary, where one will find the forest kingdom of Reath. Deep in the jungle there is a series of strange holes in the ground, some tiny and some massive. If a canine were to fall into these holes (or very carefully climb down the treacherous spiral steps built into the sides of the larger ones) they would discover the thriving underground capital of Molekin. Molekin is lit entirely by massive glowing fungi which grow brighter during the "day" periods and darker during the "night" periods; canines have converted the hollow cores of certain fungi, and the natural pockets in the cavern walls, into homes and other buildings. Reath is heated by underground springs located in various areas throughout the kingdom and, since there is very little outside influences excluding earthquakes, the caverns tend to stay around 70 degrees year-round. Reath is perhaps the least open to visiting strangers; previous generations had actually retreated underground to avoid being pulled into conflicts between the other Kingdoms, and this most Reath residents will view "abovegrounders" with a certain level of suspicion regardless of their profession or attitude. Trying to remember the name? We'll make it a little easier: Reath is an anagram for Earth!


Characters will encounter a lot of the usual (Earth-based) plants and animals around Sanctuary, but there are also a wide variety of strange animals and plants that they may run into too. Below is a list of just some of the strange animals characters may encounter! A list of unique plants with medicinal uses can be found here. We will add more unique plants (including those with no medicinal uses) and animals as they are discovered! :)

Name Description
AnkylosaurusBulky, armored herbivores with short, powerful limbs and club tails.
GiraffatitanMassive herbivores with a giraffe-like build, long forelimbs, and a very long neck.
HerrerasaurusA lightly built bipedal carnivore with a long tail and a relatively small head.
MosasaurusCarnivorous, aquatic lizards that somewhat resemble flippered crocodiles.
SarcosuchusMassive crocodilian dinosaurs that grow up to 39 feet long.
StegosaurusHeavily built herbivores with massive plates and spikes on their backs and tails.
TriceratopsBeaked herbivores with elaborate facial horns and frills extending over the neck.
TyrannosaurusMassive carnivores with small forelimbs.
BasiliskThe basilisk is a small snake, being not more than twelve fingers in length, that is so venomous,
it leaves a wide trail of deadly venom in its wake, and its gaze is likewise lethal.
CalygreyhoundAn extremely fast animal with the head of a wildcat, the torso of a deer, the claws of an eagle on
its forefeet, ox hooves, antlers, the hind legs and tail of a lion and the wings of an eagle.
Ceryneian HindA massive deer with golden antlers and bronze hooves, that is so fast it can outrun an arrow in flight.
CockatriceA two-legged dragon with the head of a rooster.
Devil BirdA massive bird that emits a bloodcurdling, human-like scream.
Its cry is said to be an omen of impending death.
DragonMagical lizard-like creatures. There are many varieties!
Larger types can disguise themselves, and are rarely seen by mortals.
FanglehopperStart out as cute, small creatures with fluffy purple fur and red eyes; they grow to the size of dragons with reptilian shapes, long teeth and claws. Created by Tomska during the Feb 2015 Unity Festival Event!
FurfurPowerful magical beings with human-like hands, bat-like wings, and the body of a deer.
Specialize in storm- related magics.
Giant MoleYour typical mole, just super-sized! Can reach up to 9 feet in length.
Gold-digging AntFox-sized ants that dig up gold in sandy areas.
GorlokAn animal with the paws of a cheetah, the horns of a buffalo, and the face of a Saint Bernard dog.
GriffinA territorial creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion;
the head and wings of an eagle; and an eagle's talons as its front feet.
GrootslangA vicious, treasure-hungry creature with a green-skinned elephant body, four tusks, ram horns,
and a spiked snake tail; commonly found dwelling in dark caves.
ImpunduluA black and white bird, the size of a human, that can summon lightning
with its wings and feasts on blood.
JaculusA small winged snake with forelegs that lives in trees.
KappaMischievous child-sized beast with reptilian skin, webbed hands and feet, and a bowl- shaped head.
The cavity on their head must stay filled with water, or the Kappa will die.
Loveland FrogFour foot tall humanoid frogs.
ManticoreA voracious predator with the body of a red lion, a human head with three rows of shark teeth,
bat wings, and the tail of a scorpion. It shoots paralyzing spines at foes.
Minhoc„oGiant worms with scaly black skin and a pair of tentacle-like structures protruding from its head.
Mirror CatDomestic cat-like creatures with extensive deer-like antlers.
Mirror CheetahSmall, timid herbivores who adore lemons and look like miniature cheetahs.
Mirror DeerLarge deer with green fur covered in white spots; instead of antlers they have massive tusks.
Mirror EagleSparrow-sized eagles best known for their shy natures.
Mirror GiraffeMiniature giraffes that grow no bigger than a goat.
Mirror LionPride-oriented creatures resembling horses but with massive lion-like manes and paws.
About 30% of Mirror Lions are herbivores by choice.
Mirror RabbitCarnivorous scavengers resembling rabbits; come in a variety of colors.
Alone they are relatively harmless, but they can be dangerous in large groups.
Mirror RhinoA rhinoceros-like creature with two horns on their nose and spider-like jaws.
Mirror SparrowEagle-sized sparrows best known for their friendly, playful natures.
Mirror TurtleFearless creatures resembling a cross between a snapping turtle and a wolverine.
MoŮŠiSerpent-like creatures with two straight, colorful horns that serve as antenna.
MyrmecoleonCreatures with the face of a lion and the body of an ant.
Orphan BirdA sea-dwelling bird with a peacock's neck, an eagle's beak, a swan's feet, and a crane's body.
PamolaCreatures with the head of a moose, the body of a man and the wings and feet of an eagle.
PhoenixA large bird seemingly made of fire, best known for their ability to die and be reborn from their ashes.
Sea-beeWater-dwelling bees with fish tails.
SphinxA riddle-loving creature with the haunches of a lion, the wings of a great bird,
and the face of a human (usually female).
UnicornTimid horse-like animals with a single long horn on their heads, a goat's beard, and cloven hooves.
YaleAn antelope-like creature with large horns that it can swivel in any direction.