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1Two Men:
Chapter One:My Mate Mike

Coming Out
Two buddies come out to each other in Part 1 of a six part series.View
1Two Men:
Chapter Two: My Dude Danny

Mike and Danny explore the newly-discovered sexuality of their friendship.View
1Two Men:
Chapter Three: My Mate Mike
Fly-Fishing Fuck-Buddies
Danny and Mike go on a hot and horny fishing weekend.View
1Two Men:
Chapter Four: My Mate Mike

Crowbar Hotel
Danny's married life goes on the rocks and he goes to jail.View
1Two Men
Chapter Five: My Dude Danny

Picking Up the Pieces
Mike helps Danny pull himself together.View
1Two Men:
Chapter Six: My Mate Mike
Danny and Mike start a new life together.View
1The Elf's TaleA Christmas MemoryView
1Lust For FreedomA hooker buys his way out of jail.View
1RoomiesFinding gay roomies in Vancouver.View
1The Cretan BullAn adventure in "the Greek way."View
2A World Apart
Part 1: In the Beginning
This is an autobiographical story. It is true as I remember it.View
2A World Apart
Part 2: The Exploding Cow
and Other Outdoor Fun
Teenage sex life in rural Australia.View
2A World Apart
Part 3: Caught in the Act ... again and again.
Teenage boys caught having sex by horny uncles.View
2A World Apart
Part 4: Growing Up - and Growing Apart.
We drift apart.View
2A World Apart
Part 5: Worlds Collide.
Barred from my buddy.View
2A World Apart
Part 6: Worlds Apart.
Conclusion - the later years.View
2Boxers His first roundView
2The Devil May Care
A Monologue
Caught fooling around with a man by his wifeView
2Sex and the Sitter A horny baby-sitter.View
2Good Neighbor Sam Fun fishing trip with the guy next door.View
3Me Best Mate, Jonno An Aussie father's WWII storyView
3Lube Job Sunday sex in the service bay.View
3Big White Pursued by a massive shark.View
3Soccer Balls Real team "mates"View
3Dude Ranch Sex at a rehab ranch.View
3Frog Lake "Straight" buddies on camping trip.View
3Return to Frog Lake Not-so-straight buds go camping again...View
3Bookworms What goes on in the book warehouse.View
3Night Games Followed home by a stalker.View
3Unconventional Behaviour Hook-up at a sales convention.View
4Global Affairs #1:
Berlin Diary
Scared Stiff in Berlin.View
4 Global Affairs #2:
Arabian Nights
Cum with me in the CasbahView
4Global Affairs #3:
Paris Burning
A hot time in Paris.View
4Global Affairs #4:
Madrid Heat
Danger and sex in SpainView
4Global Affairs #5:
New York's Finest
Meeting with a sexy copView
4 Global Affairs #6:
Oracle at Delphi
A prophecy from the gods.View
4Global Affairs #7:
Cabin Fever
Sex on the high seas.View
4Global Affairs #8:
The London Raids
Sex in a bomb shelterView
4Global Affairs #9:
A Great Dane
Fucked by a Great Dane.View
4Global Affairs #10:
See Naples…
Sex amid the ruins.View
4Global Affairs #11:
Spanish Fly
Gored by a Spanish bull. Was it rape?View
4Global Affairs #12:
Strangers on a Train
Two men in a time warp.View
5In The Tool Shed Old enemies forced to come together.View
5My Brother, My Lover Identical twins in love.View
5Jail Bait Sex life in a Canadian Prison.View
5Monkey's Uncle Scaling a forest giant.View
5Daddy, Dearest A surprise meeting with his fatherView
5Tanked Invaded during the invasion.View
5Dorm Mates College days man-sex.View
5Red Desert Oasis Culture shock in the Outback View
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